When I have reached a summit, I leave it with great reluctance, unless it is to reach for another, higher one.

– Gustav Mahler

How was your week? Did your week include any activities that you absolutely love doing? What did you celebrate this week? Replacing an unhealthy habit for a healthy one? Booking a trip? Meeting a fitness goal? Do you have a vision for what lies ahead?

This week I celebrated having six people in my 5-week workshop and the next day to extend my positive feelings, I went for a long trail run in the foothills by my house. As I was running this trail, I started thinking about life (as I often do when I’m in nature). This particular trail has several false summits. You’re climbing and climbing and it looks like you’ve reached a plateau. As soon as you crest the top, you see more miles of trail ahead. This happened several times, which is what made me think about life.

Life is similar you see. We reach one milestone or we overcome one challenge and we think, wow, I made it. Then we look ahead and we see there is still further to go. Now, however, we are better equipped than before and we have the benefit of a new perspective, which makes us even more capable of this new terrain. The key is to maintain our focus. As I was running, with each new false summit, I kept my momentum. I didn’t let the fact that I thought I had reached the top already affect my energy. I enjoyed the journey and knew there was more to see.

This is the vision and attitude we need to bring to our lives. We are constantly evolving and growing. Once we achieve one grand accomplishment, our natural inclination to continue to evolve pushes us to seek the next grand accomplishment. What we first thought we weren’t capable of now becomes our norm, hence the need to continue growing. While this makes us stronger, more resilient, resourceful, and creative, I believe it is imperative to celebrate our wins along the way as well. We sometimes want to shift our focus to the next big thing right away without acknowledging our current achievements. Please don’t skip this part!

What can you do this week to maintain your momentum as you’re climbing? (Hint: celebrate the little wins along the way!) Alternatively, if you’ve already reached the summit, what can you do to reignite yourself for the continuing journey? What tools are you using to support you? Do you have a consistent mindset practice? Do you have a community of support that encourages you when the path becomes unclear? Do you have a clear vision of where you’re going in the first place?

Having these in place can help ensure you get where you actually want to go without getting off-course or giving up along the way. I can honestly say that is what has helped me continue to grow my coaching business – mindset work, a clear vision, consistent, inspired actions, and a strong community committed to my success. This is what I work on with my private clients as well. It can be a long, hard road if you’re trying to go at it alone. There’s lot of detours, misplaced road signs, and dead-ends. It is so incredibly helpful to have a coach or a mentor helping guide you in the right direction and supporting you along the way.

Don’t let the false summits discourage you. Keep moving forward. Keep clarifying your vision. Pick one thing you can do this week to keep moving towards the life you desire and commit to it no matter what.

Wishing you stamina, perseverance, and clarity,


If you’d like support on your path, let’s get on the phone or skype and discuss what that looks like for you. In 30 minutes you’ll have a clearer picture of what you want, what’s been getting in the way, and how working with a coach can help you get what you want more quickly than going at it alone. Even if we decide not to work together, you’ll get off the phone with clarity about where you’re going in life, which is a gift in itself. Sign up here.


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