Meditation to call in your desires

Sit in a comfortable position – either cross-legged or with legs straight. Sit on the edge of a firm pillow to support your lower back. Ensure all distractions are turned off. Set a timer for six-ten or more minutes.

For the first minute, focus on your breath. Count your inhalations and exhalations. Try to increase the length of your inhalations and exhalations to slow your breathing down.

Now that your awareness is focused on your breath, start the following meditation.

Choose words that fill you up and raise your vibration and repeat until the timer sounds. If you run out of words, start over with the words you began with and repeat. Once the timer sounds, take a deep inhalation, hold for a count of three, slowly exhale, and hold out for a count of three. Rub your hands together in front of your heart center. Give gratitude for this meditation and to yourself for showing up.

Examples of words you could use for the meditation: Love, Peace, Light, Truth, Abundance, Passion, Joy, Purpose, God, Power, Inspiration, Motivation, Health, Wealth, Happiness.

Choose your words and fill them in the phrases below.  (I used Love as an example to demonstrate.)

Love above me, love below me. Love before me, love behind me. Love to my left, love to my right. Love within me. Love all around me. Love in all beings. Love in the universe.

Don’t worry about making sure you do it right. You can keep it simple and use four of the phrases: ________above me, ____________below me, __________all around me, and _______________ within me. Then move on to another word. You can stick with three words and keep repeating them throughout the meditation. The key is to find what works for you and go with it.

Find a time of day where you can sit uninterrupted for six-ten minutes. Set a goal to complete this meditation for three days in a row, then two more days, then two more. After a week, aim for another week. Keep going until you find that it sticks and becomes a permanent part of your routine. Aim to make it a non-negotiable activity each day.

Notice how you feel afterward. Notice how you feel throughout the day. Notice if anything feels different. Congratulate yourself for completing the meditation and for prioritizing your mental health and your mindset.

A powerful mind creates a powerful life. You are on your way.


P.S. Here is an audio version you can listen to as well.

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