What’s your money story?

How is your relationship with money? Is it adversarial? Frustrating? Do you avoid looking at your bank account?

Do you treat money like a good friend where there is an equal and mutually beneficial exchange of energy between the two of you? Do you feel appreciative towards money?

Many times we can get hung up around money, especially if we are carrying around beliefs about the scarcity of money. It is worth it to work through this. The following steps will help you get clear about your money story and help your rewrite a new money story.

Are you ready? Let’s dig into this a bit:

Where do your beliefs about money come from? What were you taught about money as a child? What were your family’s beliefs about money? If you grew up believing money is scarce or rich people are corrupt, these beliefs may be holding you back from allowing money to flow into your life.
Take a moment to write down what you learned about money as a child.

Now that you know where some of your money beliefs come from, here’s an exercise to help release any negative feelings around money:

  1. Start by acknowledging it, thanking it, and releasing it. “I see you, I thank you, I release you.” Do these for all the negative beliefs about money you have.
  2. Now work on replacing those negative beliefs, one at a time. Change ‘I never have enough money’ to ‘I always have all the money I need.” Even if you don’t totally believe it yet, start practicing stating some new beliefs. Another example: I always have money for everything I want and need. Money flows to me easily.
  3. Bonus: Practice speaking about your new beliefs about money as if they are already true – I always have money. I am a money magnet. Abundance is my birthright. You can even start writing down these new beliefs every day and call it your money journal. This will help keep it alive and grow your positive money mindset muscle.
  4. Caution: When you see something you want and you don’t have the funds to buy it, don’t, I repeat, don’t say, “I can’t afford it.” Appreciate that you are drawn to something of such great quality. Tell yourself, “It is great to be a part of the global economy. I’m so looking forward to this (article of clothing, plane ticket, car, whatever it is) coming into my experience in the near future. It’s so fun knowing my desires demonstrate to me who I am becoming.”
  5. The trick is to not let yourself spiral downward into negative thoughts about money. Keep your vibration high and trust that everything that you desire is on its way to you.

I know this can be challenging work and it can rub up against our comfort zones. Our rational minds may make fun of us for not looking at reality. The truth is our minds play a tremendous role in creating our reality. If this seems too farfetched for you, I recommend taking it slowly and playing around with it. Make it a game. I sometimes will ask my boyfriend to play along with me – I ask him to practice talking about what we want as if we already have it. It helps you dream bigger, get creative and it is really fun!

Where are you on the spectrum of money thoughts? Are you ready to start shifting your thoughts to a more positive aspect? Take baby steps. Try it for an hour or two. And then do it again. Have fun with it.

I’d love to hear your new money story. Send me a quick email stating what you want as if it is already yours as your first practice. It does make a difference.


Sending you big dreams, knowing they will come true,




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