Triple Ginger Butternut Squash Molasses Cookies (Gluten and refined sugar free!)

2 cups almond flour

¼ cup coconut flour

¾ teaspoon baking soda

1 ½ teaspoons cinnamon

1 teaspoon ground ginger

½ teaspoon ground cloves

½ teaspoon sea salt

1 egg

6 Tablespoons coconut oil, melted

1/3 cup honey (a bit more if you like your cookies sweeter)

1/3 cup unsulphured molasses

½ cup mashed cooked butternut squash pulp

½ Tablespoon minced fresh ginger

3 Tablespoons minced crystallized ginger

¼ cup sugar of choice (palm, cane, etc) for rolling the cookies in before baking


Preheat oven to 375’. Whisk the dry ingredients together in a small mixing bowl. In a separate large mixing bowl, beat the egg with a fork, add the coconut oil, honey, molasses, squash, and gingers. Mix well. Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients and mix until well combined. Place dough in refrigerator for 30 minutes. Place sugar in a shallow dish. Grab a small handful of dough and roll it into a ball. Roll the dough ball in the sugar and place on a baking sheet. Flatten slightly then place a few pieces of crystallized ginger on top. Repeat with the remaining dough. Place baking sheet in oven. Bake for 7 minutes then rotate the pan. Bake an additional 7-8 minutes. Remove from oven and let cookies cool on sheet for 5 minutes before removing to a wire rack. Makes 18 cookies. Enjoy!

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